Dział Informatyki


WiFi locations:

  • Banacha Campus: Rektorat (the whole building), Centrum Dydaktyczne (the whole building), Centrum Biblioteczno-Informacyjne (the whole building), ZIAM + Unimed (the whole buildings), Farmacja (hall, bistro, computer lab)
  • Outside of Banacha Campus: Students’ Houses (Batalionu Pięść and Karolkowa), Ciołka
  • Lindleya Campus:
    - Collegium Anatomicum (main halls),
    - Ortopedia (Lecture Hall im. prof. A. Grucy + Library hall, Paw. 20)
    - Klinika Chirurgii Czaszkowo-Szczękowo-Twarzowej, Chirurgii Jamy Ustnej i Implantologii
      (hall near seminar room, Paw. 4),
    - Instytut transplantologii (near students cloacroom and Institute library, Paw.1),
    - Zakład Geriatrii (near seminar room, Paw.14),
    - Dom Medyka - ground floor ,
    - Klinika Dermatologiczna - ground floor (near Lecture Hall im. prof. Grzybowskiego)
    - Zakład Radiologii Stomatologicznej (near Lecture Hall im. prof. Gluzińskiego, Paw. 11),
    - Zakład Radiologii ground floor (near students cloacroom, Paw.11)
    - Zakład Radiologii 3 p hall paw. 11
    - Zakład Biofizyki hall paw. 11
  • Banacha Hospital
  1. Turn on wireless network card and find available networks. Double click the network internet (in Students' House: InternetWUM)
  2. Enter the key: 1234567890. Repeat the key in the field below. Click Connect 
  3. Open your favorite web browser. You will be redirected to WUM WiFi login site. 
  4. Log in with your USERNAME and PASSWORD
    NOTE if you use e-mail client (like Thunderbird or Outlook), you should first log in to WiFi and after that open your e-mail client